Our Mission

The New Mexico Department of Peace Inititative is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the high benefits of peacemaking.
  • Creating a climate of respect, cooperation, and safety for our citizens, our children, and future generations.
  • Inspiring inner peace, hope, and compassion.
  • Educating in the process, skills, and awareness of peaceful solutions.

Our Objectives:

  • To establish peace as an organizing principle for human and civic relationships in New Mexico.
  • To coordinate efforts that use diplomacy, dialogue, negotiation, mediation and other peacemaking skills.
  • To honor the interconnections between the arts, cultures and communities.
  • To facilitate resources and training for conflict resolution for communities throughout the state, especially to those who cannot afford professional services.
  • To create a central clearing house for written and electronic materials pertaining to all aspects of peacemaking.
  • To enhance democratic values by supporting New Mexicans to voice their issues using diplomatic methods.
  • To advocate avenues for economic and social change that realize the life affirming benefits of peacemaking.
  • To educate citizens and the media on issues of peace.
  • To study and track the relationship between the use of diplomacy and reducing criminal behavior, domestic violence, school drop-out rates, costly litigation, and expensive incarceration.

Our meetings are run by a process we are calling consensus, but in truth it is much deeper than that. Our goal here is to nurture a spirit of community and love by seeing where the union of all our hearts will take us and through that to arrive at appropriate decisions. This involves listening deeply to each other, to our own hearts and to the silence, because only then can the NMDPI achieve its mission.